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Oprah Magazine features Bonk Breaker: Get Gluten Smart

Oprah Magazine features Bonk Breaker: Get Gluten Smart

May 16, 2011

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Wow, thanks Oprah!  This is the best endorsement we could ask for.

From: Feeling Good, Oprah Magazine, June 2011 - see below for an excerpt from the article.

Get Gluten Smart

Wondering why entire grocery aisles are going "g-free"? Here's the real story behind the hype - and how to do the diet right.

These days so many foods are plastered with "g-free" labels that it's easy to assume slashing gluten from your diet is a smart move - even if you don't know exactly what gluten is, or how your body responds to it.  "Many people think that if a product has a 'g-free' stamp, it's healthier," says dietitian Tricia Thompson, coauthor of Easy Gluten-Free.  "But that's not always the case."

Pick up the June copy of Oprah Magazine for the whole article, but the really good stuff is below...

Look What We Found! Raising the Bar

For triathlete Jason Winn, the most grueling part of training for the famously tough Ironman competition - aside from the hundreds of miles of swimming, biking and running - was having to choke down so many bland, dry energy bars. So Winn decided to create his own, baking the first batches in his mom's kitchen and testing out flavors like peanut butter and jelly on schoolkids.  The result: delicious Bonk Breaker energy bars, made with flaxseed, rolled oats, and honey, then oven-baked.  "I knew I was onto something when the kids started coming back for seconds," Winn says. And what works to fuel a triathlete will certainly work for the rest of us beachgoers and backpackers.

Written by Crystal G Martin for Oprah Magazine

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